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Business Statistics
Economics Statistics
Engineering Statistics


Calculus 1, 2, and 3
Vector Calculus
Differential Equations
GRE Math


Foundations of Accounting
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Foundations of Finance
Business Finance


General Chemistry 1
General Chemistry 2
Organic Chemistry 1


Economics Statistics
Microeconomic Theory

Essay Editing


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College is hard, professors are unclear, and studying is tedious. So we've made it our mission to help every student earn the grade they want without having to bury their faces in a textbook for hours on end. By offering entertaining review sessions and professor-specific study guides, we've created the best way for students at the University of Texas to increase their understanding of course material and perform better on exams.

Exam Reviews

Exam Reviews are three-hour long sessions that helps you crush your next exam by covering all the material you might have slept through.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring consists of sixty minutes of intense practice that allows you to stay on top of your exams, quizzes, and homework on a week to week basis.


Our growing video library contains hundreds of videos that walk through old homework questions and show you how to tackle tough exam problems.

Mock Exams

Mock Exams and cheat sheets are created from previously administered exams and look just like the real thing, helping you prepare for test day.



Why is Easy A right for your student?


We provide premium tutoring services to every Longhorn at an affordable cost, working with students at all times of day and night, often when university-provided hours are not available. Whether your Longhorn needs rigorous practice or quick review, we're here to help them earn the Easy A.


Grades earned during a student's undergraduate years have a significant impact on their future earnings after graduation. For each additional grade point, a student can expect a $2873 increase in his or her starting salary on average, according to a study done at Illinois Wesleyan University.


Our review sessions and packets give students the tools they need to ace any assignment, quiz, or exam while saving them the time they would have otherwise spent toiling away in front of a textbook. Thousands of University of Texas students attribute their success to our study guides.

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$100 per month
  • Access to all weekly sessions
  • for ECO329, ECO420K, and STA309


$180 per month
  • (Most Popular)
  • 4 Private Tutoring Sessions
  • Access to Mock Exams


$250 per month
  • (Best Deal)
  • 6 Private Tutoring Sessions
  • 3-Hour Final Exam Review (for available classes)
  • Access to Mock Exams